South Pacific Tours Vanuatu has an ample experience to coordinate commercial filming including a Japanese movie making.

Before your arrival:

All commercial filming in Vanuatu require a filming permission from Vanuatu Culture Centre before the crew arrives Vanuatu. Applying for exemption of duties on your filming equipment would be helpful to save your filming costs.

South Pacific Tours Vanuatu can act as your representative / agent to obtain these on a timely basis.

The power and authority of Chief must be respected when filming their village or their special places. South Pacific Tours Vanuatu knows what to do in order to avoid any conflicts and troubles during filming.

A new drone registration (official website) has become composary since 2016. You need to submit your flight plans well in advance. South Pacific Tours Vanuatu can assist this complicated application.

Actual filming:

You would better understand Vanuatu culture and some taboos to make your filming smooth. South Pacific Tours Vanuatu would be your best assistant on these matters.

On top of a filming permission, you might need a separate permission from a chief or land owner for some special places such as a volcano and naked villages.

Leave everything to South Pacific Tours to deal with them.


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